Why CableCar

A smile, a smirk, a shrug, a nod

Seven percent. Studies have shown that when we communicate, we only convey 7% of meaning through our words. The rest is based on tone, facial expressions, and body language.

  • So, how are you communicating the 93% of "meaning" that your customers are missing on your website?
  • How are you selling online to customers through tone, facial expressions, and body language?
  • How are you standing out in a world of Amazon resellers, big brands, and me-too ecommerce sites?

You probably aren't.

Your customers have questions so specific to them, they can never be answered by the text on your website, particularly if you're selling higher priced items. They need a salesperson and a showroom. Fortunately, you have both - your staff and your physical store. You answer best, sell best, and develop relationships best in-person. Your customers get their questions answered best in-person. Why not help everyone feel like you were right there together in your physical store?

Why not just use FaceTime or Zoom?

You could use FaceTime. But you and your staff probably don't want to be handing out your personal phone numbers so everyone on your site can FaceTime you. You could use Zoom. But you can't put it on your website and you probably don't want to make your customers download special software. And even if you did, you couldn't use Zoom to schedule everything, know what those customers were interested in, follow-up with them, or track your staff's progress and performance.

CableCar recreates the personal in-store shopping experience online through live, one-on-one video conversations. And our software helps you and you manage and track everything to-boot.

What's in it for you?

Whether you want to increase your conversion rates, reduce returns, grow your average basket size, upsell your most profitable items, or drive your online visitors to your physical store, CableCar can help.

Don't sell to 7% of your ability. Make it 100%. With CableCar.