How it Works

Learn the basics of how you and your customers use CableCar

Your customers click the "launcher" on your site

with an animated gif of you

Your customer requests a call with the CableCar form

They can request an immediate video call

if nobody is available, they can request to schedule one

Your customer waits in the lounge

They wait in the "lounge"

with options for them in case they get tired of waiting

CableCar has in-app and SMS notifications.


We ping your team

by text

A man and a woman on a CableCar video call.

Your team takes the video call by phone or computer

no app required (for you or your customer) - it all happens in the browser

Detailed event logging and email notifications to you and your customers

We send you alerts and track and manage everything so nothing gets missed

email reminders to you and your customers

You and your team can also:

Create calls on-the-fly

Send the call links to your customers

Email proposed call times to customers

Handle scheduling right from the dashboard

Add team members

Style the launcher and lounge to match your brand

...and more!

30 day free trial
No card required
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