It started with a wakesurf board.
The founders of CableCar

I (Dodd) was in the middle of quarantine in 2020 and wanted to buy a new wake surf board that would work for me and different members of my family.

I didn't want to mess up a $500+ purchase. I needed to know what board was right for the skill level we were at, the tricks we were wanting to learn, and our different heights and weights. Should we go skim style or surf style? What material should we go with? Rocker shape? Length? Fin setup? Would one board even work or was I just dreaming?

I could look at specs online and read reviews for different boards but I couldn't figure out which board was right for us. I just couldn't get the questions that were specific to my situation answered online. Finally, when quarantine was over, I went to my local surf shop. A pro asked me a bunch of questions, answered a bunch of my questions,  and pulled boards out of their display, showing me the details of each one. I ended up with the perfect board for us.

I remember wishing that I could have the same experience on their website as I did in-person. I told my business partner, Ryan, and we set out to do recreate the in-store experience, online. Ryan and I have started and run multiple businesses together and we love crafting software that solves real problems for everyday folks. We hope CableCar helps shoppers find the perfect product for them and helps retail stores grow their business.

If you're a retail store with an ecommerce site, we hope you'll give CableCar a try.

Signatures of the founders

Dodd & Ryan